Privilege the quality and regularity of supply

Whether they come from processing plants or warehouses, the quality, safety and traceability of products sold are the Holding’s top priority.

From the study to the development of the specifications until delivery, a complete device ensures the marketing of safe, healthy and quality products.

In addition to their intrinsic quality, WAFA HOLDING is committed to the continuous availability of its production, so as to contribute effectively to ensuring the food security of the population at the best price.

Attend and support our partners

Wafa HOLDING assists its partners in major works and major markets play the role of interface with donors and public authorities. Wafa HOLDING contributes to the activities of its partners by partnering in the work and subcontracting on behalf of its partners in several areas: Large-scale projects, roads, infrastructure and mines and hydrocarbons

With the objective of establishing and marketing quality products on the Mauritanian market, one of the pillars of WAFA HOLDING’s development strategy has always consisted of long-term agreements with partner companies.

The value created by WAFA HOLDING for each of its partners rests on the seriousness of its teams, the reliability of its organization and the unwavering respect of the commitments made.

Contributing to the dynamics of development

WAFA HOLDING’s mission is to be a major player contributing to the building of Mauritania.

Through the deployment of its activities, the diversity and expertise of its businesses, it ensures that its needs are met on an ongoing basis.

WAFA HOLDING wants to be a private, independent Holding able, through its economic and social actions, to contribute effectively to the improvement of the daily life of the Mauritanians