I, Sidi Mohamed and my brother and partner, Brahim, wanted to perpetuate and guarantee the work of our Family, heirs of a tradition of Entrepreneurship and commerce.

The heavy inheritance, was transmitted to us at a moment of great turning in our country the Mauritania :

At the time When the country was to be built from nothing
At a time When the financial system was squaring
At a time When the country was struggling to monetize and cash capital was almost non-existent. Fortunes were limited to cattle, palm trees, fields and an archaic real estate….
Nevertheless, from necessity, and from the desire to build a country that looks towards in the future, great changes were taking place visibly.

The change concerned everything: the market, needs, demands, demand and consequently supply in the shadow of stability.
The market through competition imposed previously unknown rules …
We have not only accompanied the unrestrained momentum of this progress, but also anticipated it by a smell of businessmen determined to remain Leaders in the elite builders of the country.

Traders, importers and distributors our development strategy has been rational :


Strengthen our ties with our suppliers by creating a climate of trust.


Distribute products meeting the best standards, thus becoming the precursors to the introduction of quality standards and regularity of supply.

Lastly, we would like to emphasize that our Holding has had an auto-centered development. Concentrated on the FUTUR our ambitions and our surface, lead us to reflect on the new investments in clean energy.

Sidi Mohamed Ahmed Salem Ghadda

Deputy Chairman & CEO
Brahim Ahmed Salem Ghadda