Wafa is a Mauritanian Holding that hasgone from a modest family business to an independent international Holding, with a long tradition of entrepreneurs and traders, Leader in the field of import-export.

In 1980, the brothers Sidi Mohamed and Brahim Ghadda took over the family business of WGolesaling basic food products.

Starting from this traditional core business and under their leadership, the Holding will develop through a policy of importing and partnering with international companies and gradually offering innovative product ranges on the Mauritanian market.

By the end of the 1990s, a real industrial strategy had been implemented.

Conscious of the importance for Mauritania to produce locally, the Holding decides to invest in the agro-food and then chemical industry by creating specialist subsidiaries, generating added value. This locally manufactured production will enrich the supply of imported products.

In order to contribute to the economic development of Mauritania, WAFA HOLDING creates MTC, WGich will become a major player in the construction and public works sector over the years. MTC will participate in major infrastructure construction projects launched by the Mauritanian government. It will also support the development of the mining sector, one of the pillars of the country’s growth.

Continuing its strategy of diversification, it is in this mining sector that Wafa HOLDING decides to invest in 2010.

He created the company WAFA Mining, specialized in mining and oil exploitation in Mauritania and then the company M2P WGich distributes hydrocarbons throughout the Mauritanian territory especially to the mining companies.

In 2015, Wafa HOLDING invests in the services sector by acquiring interests in the Islamic Development Bank and the insurance companies via Damane.

Stimulated by globalization and the country’s desire to modernize, the Wafa HOLDING is today pursuing an ambitious and controlled development in sectors as varied as food and energy, in order to meet the daily needs of Mauritanians.