The industrial vision of the Wafa Holding has been built gradually with the objective of responding to the distrust of the Mauritanian market :

  • Reduce dependency on imported products.
  • Promote the job.
  • Contribute to the emergence of an alternative industry.
  • Increase production favoring local consumption.

WH Operates according to an original economic model: a structured organization in which each trade creates inputs for the other links in the chain.

Throughout WH’s strategic portfolio, the GRANDS MOULINS D’AFRIQUE (GMA) has a significant interest in terms of food security, both for the population and for the animal sector. GMA wants to be an actor involved in guiding a strategy for the development of the country, aimed at contributing to Mauritania’s food self-sufficiency.

Beyond the alternative industry, WAFA Holding is involved in other sectoral activities: Agriculture, hulling, bagging ….